Honor the Ancestors.
PROTECT Indigenous tribes’ legacy of sustainability.
One way to honor the sacrifices of our ancestors is to send a Message in a Bottle.

Tribal Treaty Rights brand spring water label

Activist Kit Offer

Now get EIGHT half liter bottles

of delicious Tribal Treaty Rights Spring Water
Sent to you anywhere in the US for $25; mailed Priority Mail via USPS (the Post Office gets $10.50 of it!).
Order now and send Tribal Treaty Rights Spring Water to relatives, friends, activists and government officials.

Only $25 - tax, postage and handling are included!

Purchase online with PayPal

Water & Labels

Send your check or money order to
PO Box 433
Tonasket, WA 98855

For more information,
or to get Tribal Treaty Rights spring water in your store
or a store near you

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